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Prayer Ribbons Exhibition Returns to Orlando
- Luis M Martinez Alicea

Prayer Ribbonns

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For the third year in a row, the Provincetown Community Compact and residents of Provincetown, Massachusetts are honored to share a memorial strand of Prayer Ribbons with the families and the community of Orlando. The colorful ribbons include beautiful messages to recognize the loss of people to AIDS and the 49 Pulse victims.

Following the Pulse tragedy, the Provincetown Community Compact remembered the victims at a special ceremony at Provincetown Town Hall. Each victim’s name and age, which was inscribed on a black Prayer Ribbon, was read aloud and attached to part of the 2,800 Prayer Ribbons accumulated over 29 years at the annual Provincetown Swim for Life.

Swim for Life is an annual event where swimmers cross the harbor of Provincetown to benefit AIDS survivors and the community. As part of this event, they incorporate multi-color ribbons hanging out from a cord on the river shore where people write the names of those lost to AIDS to honor them.

The Prayer Ribbons Exhibit will run from June 7-16, 2019 at Orlando City Hall Plaza.

City residents and visitors are encouraged to join the prayer ribbon community by adding a person to honor and/or a message to a ribbon. A table will be placed in the City Hall Rotunda with forms for people to write messages and mail it to the Provincetown Community Compact.

Installation of the Prayer Ribbons
Friday, June 7th
2:00 p.m.

Orlando City Hall Plaza Media Opportunities:
Jay Critchley, founder and director of Provincetown Community Compact, a nonprofit organization that created the Prayer Ribbons, will be available for media interviews.
Local LGBTQ+ leaders will be also helping us install the ribbons and available for media interviews.

Contact to coordinate the interviews
Luis M. Martinez
407.246.4128 (office)
407.383.2073 (mobile)

For more information: