Provincetown Community Compact


36 Solar Lights

36 Solar Lights: Reflections on nature and civic society project celebrates Provincetown Community

36 Solar Lights

To highlight Provincetown’s take-charge response to COVID-19, artist Jay Critchley, Director of the Provincetown Community Compact has traversed the barren streets of Provincetown at dusk and lit up community buildings and other vital sites and spaces with 36 solar lights. The online project, 36 Solar Lights: Reflections on nature and civic society, features short videos and photos of civic buildings, historic sites and significant community organizations.

The thirty-six solar lights were purchased for a scheduled public art installation at the local VFW Hall by the Provincetown Community Compact. The project, Democracy of the Land: reflections on nature and civic society, was planned to honor the iconic community site before its planned demolition. The event was postponed for health and safety reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In keeping with the theme, I’m taking democracy to the empty streets, highlighting the important fabric of our democratic institutions and organizations and the environmental crisis as we weather the storm”, Critchley stated.

The plan for the VFW Hall, which was scheduled for April 3-12, 2020 was to turn off all electric lighting and darken the interior, inviting visitors to explore the refashioned spaces in the large, two-story facility with solar lights. Townspeople, including artists, actors, musicians, writers, dancers and others were invited to activate the space.

“If the building is still standing and the town begins to open up, perhaps the project could happen!”, he mused.